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Generational Business Strategies

Finally understand your employees

Generational Business Strategies (GBS) is your guide to understanding, communicating and motivating across the generations of your workforce to recruit and retain employees to nurture a culture for growth.
Younger generation and older generation business people

Improve Teamwork

Motivate & Retain Key Employees

Increase Productivity & Profitability

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As a leader do you struggle to:

  • Understand the younger generations entering the workforce
  • Hire the right cultural fit for your team and organization
  • Delegate accountability for key areas of your business
  • Resolve disconnect and conflict between team members and managers
  • Create training and development programs to retain employees

Customized Strategies to Fit Your Business

Generational Audit

GBS conducts interviews with employees, identifies challenges affecting employee engagement and productivity, and works with management to create a strategic improvement plan with metrics for accountability and increased profitability.

Leadership Development

GBS offers customized leadership training programs based on the needs of the team. Topics can include but are not limited to Leading by Example, Understanding Across the Generations, Effective Mentoring, Coaching & Evaluating, Accountability & More.

One to One Mentoring

1:1 Mentoring & Coaching

To ensure new skills are implemented, GBS offers one-on-one Mentoring & Coaching in between monthly workshops. Team members are encouraged to share challenges in order to brainstorm and develop valuable problem solving skills.

We get it – having employees is BOTH rewarding and frustrating.

Each employee displays a unique mindset based on the era they grew up in (their generation) as well as according to personal life experiences. GBS’s experts educate our clients to understand how both elements shape mindsets that affect behavior and performance at work. From there, our GBS translators guide employees and managers on how to communicate more effectively across generations based on what they believe is relevant to their roles and responsibilities. This then results in creating training, development and incentive programs which retain talented team members who maximize their time and talents.

Karin Palle

Karin Palle

Specializes in recruiting unicorns that poop rainbows and translating crucial conversations between “old school” managers and young, emerging talent.

Amir Haskic

Amir Haskic

Specializes in big picture thinking to support business owners to create corporate structures that accommodate growth, limit liability and maximize profitability.

Introductory Packages & Pricing

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Understanding the Generational Gaps Workshop

Participants will gain an understanding of events and personal experiences that shaped their generation and effect how they participate as an employee.

(4-5 hour Virtual Workshop – up to 20 participants)


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Generational Audit
GBS experts conduct one on one employee interviews to identify strengths and areas for improvement regarding your culture, training, development, incentive programs, accountability, productivity and more based on employee priorities and generational mindsets.
(Includes up to 7-10 employee interviews and audit results review)


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New Position Identification & Job Post Creation
For companies that know they need to hire an employee but are not sure what position they need to fill, GBS will introduce you to a new process to find the best candidate for the position.

(Includes up to 10 hours of creating a win-win job plan)


Building a Success Strategy With

Generational Business Strategies

1. Book a Consultation

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2. Pick a Package

Determine how GBS can get you the best results effectively & efficiently. Whether it is Leadership Training, Talent Development, Accountability Coaching, or a Customized Strategic Plan for Growth, we have a solution based on our unique understanding of the generations and how all employees affect the bottom line for your company.

3. Get started building your foundation for growth

From the first meeting, you will learn new processes and new perspectives on how to develop motivated teams that enjoy coming to work, setting goals and holding each other accountable for metrics that support growth and improve your bottom line.
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Real progress starts when you understand who you are working with…

After years of listening to business owners share their frustrations and concerns regarding recruiting and retaining employees, Karin Palle realized she knew the challenge stemmed in the differences between the generational mindsets of an organization’s employees. Each employee comes with their own set of unique motivators and communication style. And helping understand, communicate and motivate across the generations is what Karin and her team do best. To learn more about how we can support you and your business, click on Book a Consultation to get on our schedule.